Roland System-8 & Cloud

I've always wanted a Roland System-8, ever since it came out and I didn't mind the 'Green' :)  The idea of downloading a different Synth Engine to a piece of hardware and have multiple Synths in one, completely intrigued me...and still does.

Of course, I had at that time an "Analogue Only" mentality, which thankfully no longer exists for me and finally picked one up.  I'm a hardware guy, I like to use something physical, but what is running "Under the Hood"...Doesn't matter, as long as it sounds good.

The System-8 is a fantastic Synthesizer and has earned that title even more, ever since the V1.2 and V1.3 Updates were released to add further FM capabilities to the main System-8 Sound Engine and the fantastic JX-3P Plug-Out.

Separate Folder included which supports Roland Cloud Versions.

Patch Lists.

Systematic Vol 1 Bundle -
320 Patches + 64 Performances

System-8 - $15

64 Brand new Patches using the traditional Waves from Variation 1 and 2.  

Compatible with the Plug-In and works with all versions of the Roland System 8

System-8 FM Collection - $15

64 Brand new Patches for the System-8, latest update.  With V1.2 more FM functionality has been added and additional Filters.

Now compatible with the Plug-In.

Jupiter 8 - $15

64 Brand New Patches for the Roland System 8 Plug-Out and for the Roland Cloud Plug-In.

Lots of Big, Warm Pads, Bass and Leads.  Some amazing Patches, that even the original can't do.

Juno 106 - $15

64 Brand New Patches for the Roland Juno 106 Plug-Out and for the Roland Cloud Plug-In.

As I own a Juno 6, this thing is so accurate, even down to the growl of the Bass and Chorus.

JX-3P - $15

64 Brand New Patches for the Roland JX-3P Plug-Out and for the new Roland Cloud Plug-In.

As I own a JX-3P, as well as the Juno 6, when I first made Patches with it, I put my old JX away...No need for it anymore.