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Obsession Vol 1

Oberheim OB-X8

Hot Damn...That was Fun making these Patches :)

I must admit, i was like a Kid at Christmas when I was waiting for my OB-X8 to arrive.  I've never had an Oberheim before or even touched one, so was full of excitement and anticipation for when it came! 

Like many of us, it's the sound of the early 80's and while the Prophet 5 has that title too, for me the OB's big and bold sound is THE 80's to me.  Not just for those Classic Bands such as Rush, Prince and so on, but for me, it was in a lot of early Electro!

I've made 128 Patches with many Classic Sounds, however the focus has been on new Sounds, from Evolving Pads & Strings, to Cutting Bass & Lead, Huge PolySynth's and Bells, to Arp's & FX, plus much more.  Support for all 6 Banks added.

Now, of course there are no FX built in and I know some say it doesn't need it, however I have also made 128 FX Presets, which I also made for the Prophet 5, so you'll be able to reproduce exactly how they sound in the Videos.

I used 2 Free Plug-Ins which you just add as an Insert.

Blue Cat Audio's Chorus

Valhalla Supermassive

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