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Paradox Vol 1

Sequential Trigon 6

The Trigon 6 is the very last Product that Synth Pioneer, Dave Smith worked on and it really is something special.  While on first look it may seem similar to the Prophet 6 and OB6, though with a different Filter, it does go beyond those with the implementation of a 'True' 3rd Oscillator and some other features.

With the P6 and OB6 you have to sacrifice Oscillator 2 to handle FM and to become a 'Per Voice LFO', which leaves you with a single Oscillator and the fixed Sub an Octave below and only 1 Waveshape.

With the Trigon 6, we still get to use Osc 3 as a Mod Source in the PolyMod Section, however we still have 2 Oscillators to make up the body of the Sound or of course, we can also just make a 3 Oscillator Monster Sound!



Paradox Vol contains 100 Fresh Patches, which includes a wide array of Motion Pads to Dynamic Strings, Cutting Leads and Solid Bass,  Keys & Arps, plus some traditional Sounds and a whole lot more.

All 100 are demonstrated over 4 Videos and can be heard below.  I have provided support for the excellent Trigon 6 Editor/Librarian by Sound Tower Software


I have duplicated the Bank for each of the 5 User Bank locations, so you can load them where you like or just Individual Patches.  For more information on Installation and the Patch Description, please use the link below


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