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X-Plorations Vol 1

Sequential Prophet X

128 Fresh new Patches for the Sequential Prophet X.  I have had the Prophet X for quite a while and was always working on something else and only recently got to learn it.

What I decided to do was to Sample 14 of my Analog Synths to use as the basis for new Sounds.  I sampled a wide variety of Oscillators, all wide open to then use the Synthesis features of the Prophet X.  There are no "baked in" Presets from other Synths, just raw oscillators from the following Synths.

  1. Moog Grandmother

  2. Behringer VC-340

  3. Dreadbox Erebus

  4. Moog Sirin

  5. Roland SE-02

  6. Moog One

  7. Behringer CAT

  8. Novation BS2

  9. Moog Matriarch

  10. Moog Subsequent 37

  11. Dreadbox Typhon

  12. Analogue Solutions Leipzig-S

  13. Cheetah MS6

14. Sequential OB6

This is a large file to download (2.4 GB) and will install into User Slot 16 - So make sure you Back Up first, there is no way to change this.

I suggest using MIDI Cables instead of USB to send the SYSEX or if you must use USB, slow the transmission down to 25% or less.

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