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u-he DIVA

I've had DIVA ever since it came out and poked around in it, not really doing much and have concentrated on hardware Synths.


I decided to see what it would be like to do a Bank of Patches, though this time I asked two of my friends to join me, Aaron Russell and Marshal Arnold.

What has been the result of the collaboration is 140 Fresh New Patches for DIVA, many with Mod and Aftertouch assignments to radically change the sound.

Offering Pads, Strings, Motion, Bass, Leads, Arp, Keys & SFX.
ORION Vol 1 is the first dedicated Software Synth Patch Bank from GEOSynths and is just the start.

As always, every single Patch is demonstrated on Video so you can hear the quality and in context, prior to purchase. 

It's been a great experience and I'm certainly going to be making more Patches for Software.

Demo Song made by Cryss Synthient of Synthient Sound, using multiple patches from ORION Vol 1.
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