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Signus Vol 1

Studiologic Sledge

The Sledge was always a Synth I wanted to try, but there was always something else to get.  Luckily I traded a Synth for the Sledge and didn't think too much of it, if it was no good, then no harm.

After some weird quirks and set up tweaks, I got down to making some great Sounds, which really surprised me.  The range of tones from the Wavetables are great and the fact that there are 3 Oscillators with FM and Sync, it's quite a sonic playground.

The idea was to make 100 Patches as there isn't really a "Bank" system as such, however I made them then found out you can access some of the hidden parameters, such as the Notch and PPG Filter via CC's...So I made 20 more and then went back through some of the ones I already made.

Now, I used Sound Mapper to transfer the Patches and did find that it would change some parameters for no particular reason, so I suggest when you use the App, don't have a DAW or other device using MIDI at the same time.


Please read the "Information & Instructions" below and the Patch List.

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