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ORACLE Vol 1 & 2



DSI Prophet 12

When I started making Vol 2, it seemed like the very first few Patches I made were all using both layers to create something...More.  So I decided to make sure that all 99 Patches used both layers to maximize the Power and Character of the Prophet 12.

99 Patches later...And I'm not disappointed, as they've turned out to be some of the best Sounds I've ever made.  From Warm Pads with Overtones and Textures, to Cutting Leads and Solid Bass, from Poly Synths with a Rich variation of tone to Electric Piano's that shine.

Of course, as most of the Sounds are using both Layers in 'Stack' mode, this will reduce the Polyphony down, however you can always turn the Stack or Split off and use each layer separately.

While the Prophet 12 came out in 2013, there has since been a huge amount of Synthesizers released, both Analog and Digital, some have great Features, though can sometimes sound the same.

The Prophet 12 is a Monster of a Synth, more than capable of showing the new Synths a few things or two...or three..or...

I hope you enjoy playing these Patches and using them in your Music, they're ready to go and have lots of tonal variation with the Controllers.


DSI Prophet 12

I'll be honest, I was going to skip the Prophet 12...Not because i'd tried it and not liked it or of the cost...The reason was, I was a bit of an Analogue purist and that...was wrong!

I've been blown away by the Prophet 12 and now think that every Synth should have 4 Oscillators/Voice and a 'Character' Section!

The FM capabilities really help with changing the timbre, as does the wave shaping...all this, before you've even touched the Filter.

I have created 4 identical Banks (A to D) in both SYSEX Format and Sound Tower Format.  Many of the sounds make good use of Modulation, Mod Wheel assignments and the use of the FX.

I've made a huge array of diverse patches, from Pads, Bass, Strings, Leads and Arp's.  The patches make full use of  single, split and stacked sounds, with the odd split.  The Prophet 12 is a great Synth.  One that I will continue to explore in the future.

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