Epilogue Vol 1

Korg Prologue 8 & 16

It was only a handful of years ago; that the leading Manufacturers were putting out Virtual Analogue Flagships...this was going to be the future.


Analogue was “too expensive to make” but there’s a lot more you can do with Digital...though many of us, still wanted that sound we grew up with (yes, I am that old) and thankfully, Korg started to give them to us...Monotron, remember that?

Of course, we’ve seen a deluge of analogue Mono’s and more recently the Poly’s again, sporting more Voices than ever, more reliability and an overall better experience than trying to maintain the old Synths.


The Prologue is Korg’s re- emergence into the “Pro” level of Analogue Poly Synths and some have questioned what they have delivered with Prologue, but as a Sound Designer, it’s the Sound I judge a Synth on, not what the “Spec Sheets” state...and the Prologue sounds great!

Support for Korg Librarian Bank and Single Patches added.
Please Note - Bank includes Factory Patches - GEOSynths start at number 300+

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