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Fusion Vol 1

Nord Wave 2

GEOSynths is back with another fantastic Soundset for the very much underrated Nord Wave 2!  In recent times, there has been a plethora of "Real" Analog Synths, which may have taken peoples attention away from Virtual Analog and Digital Synths in general...This is a mistake!

The Nord Wave 2 is a fantastic successor to the original and now has some great additions and more functionality.  The ability to combine Samples with VA, Wavetable & FM and is a Sound Designers Dream.

Fusion Vol 1 contains 50 Performances, which use up to 4 Layers for each complete Sound.  The majority of the Performances use 3 or 4 Layers to create Stacked Sounds or Splits.


There's a wide range of Sounds from Motion Pads to Strings, Synth and Bass Splits, Arpeggios Combined with Pads, Bass and Lead, as well as some standard Sounds...All 50 are demonstrated over 2 Videos.

You will need around 130mb of Free Space to load the Multi-Samples I have created from my own Synth Collection.  Some of the Layers utilize the Factory Sample library, which was present when the Nord Wave 2 was bought.


The Download is 440mb in size.  Please use an Expression Pedal if you can, I use a Moog EP3.


Installation Video
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