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Flux Vol 1

Waldorf Quantum & Irdium

I've had a Waldorf Quantum since it first came out and while I made a few Patches to get into it, there were always other Synths to work on, so I never got round to making a Bank. 

Now, I'm wondering why I didn't do it earlier, it just sounds AMAZING!  There are 50 Patches in the set, ranging from Motion Soundscapes, to Swirling Strings and many have huge atmospherics. 

There also Bass and Leads and all Synthesis methods have been used, as well as my own Multisamples from my own collection of Analog Synths., including the Moog One, Sub37, Matriarch, Polybrute and many more.  These samples are Raw Oscillators spanning over multiple Octaves and sampled every single Key.

All 50 Patches are demonstrated over 2 Videos so you can hear them in Context and see how the MW is used, often as a Macro Control.


Turn "Bass Boost" Off
OS 3.2.0 was used to create the Patches.300mb Space Required for the Samples.  Best to transfer the Samples Internally  - SD/USB causes issues.

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