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Zenith Vol 1, 2 & 3



Novation PEAK/Summit

I'm back with another Bank of 128 Patches for the Novation PEAK and for the Summit as well.  Many of the Patches utilize the latest Functionality which was added in V2, such as Animate Envelopes, extra Destination for Panning and of course, the new Delay Features.


I've concentrated on making Sounds I want to play and hear, plus I've dug deeper into the FX, especially the Reverb to create supporting washes for great Ambient Sounds.


There's lots of Motion Pads, great for Soundtrack, but there's also lots of Analog Bass and Lead included too.  As always, I demonstrate all 128 Patches over 4 Videos so you get to hear what they are like and what each of the Controller functions do.


All 128 have Controllers such as Mod Wheel, Aftertouch assigned, as well as both of the Animate Buttons. The Patches were made on the PEAK and then converted using Components for the Summit.

You must use Novation Components to load the patches.





Novation PEAK/Summit

The Novation PEAK is a great Synthesizer and I've come to really love the tone and character of it.  In late 2018 we saw an update that greatly enhanced the features of the Synth with more Wavetables and Modulation routing etc.

I decided to make a follow up Bank for the Novation PEAK, though this time, concentrate on the "Digital" side a little more, to play with Texture and Tone.  This is why, all 128 Patches now feature at least 1 of the New Wavetables.

All Patches have extensive Modulation routing, all have Animate Buttons, Mod Wheel assignments and Aftertouch where relevant. 

You know I like Pads, especially Motion!  So you won't be disappointed with the quality as many have blown me away with the tone and movement...All thanks to the Wavetables.

Added a Folder with Summit version as well.

Have Fun and make some great Music!



Novation PEAK/Summit

The Novation PEAK is an outstanding Synthesizer with a huge array of features and functionality.  Having had lots of Synthesizers over the years, some Analog and some Digital, the PEAK represents the very latest in Digital Technology, that is not trying to emulate or imitate Analog, it IS Analog!

It's been an absolute delight to program the Novation PEAK and learn what it is capable of and still feel there is more to learn, I could easily have made lots more Patches.

ZENITH highlights the huge variety of sounds, tones and possibilities with the Novation PEAK with the majority responding to Mod Wheel and Aftertouch..And extensive Modulation.

Out of the past few years, the Novation PEAK has become one of my favorite Synthesizers of all time...Hear for yourself below in the 5 videos, where every single Patch is demonstrated...

Added a Folder with Summit version as well.

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