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Essence Vol 1

Sequential Take 5

I'm back with a fantastic Bank of Patches for Sequential's amazing Take 5 Synthesizer.  Here you will find 128 Patches covering a wide range of sounds from, Pads, Strings, Bass, Lead, Traditional, Synth and much more.

There's even some recognizable sounds, which I also made on the Prophet 10. As usual all Patches are demonstrated over 4 videos, so you can hear them before purchase.

I absolutely love this Synth, the Take 5 Sound Engine can handle pretty much everything I have thrown at it, it can do Analog, it can also make metallic, almost Digital Sounds when using FM.

I hope you have a lot of fun with these Patches, they actually blew me a away and it was difficult to stop playing them.

The Patches come as a Complete set of 128 Patches in one file, 8 separate Banks and as 128 separate Sysex files.  Please see Instructions for more.

Once Downloaded, there are NO REFUNDS or Swaps

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