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Empire Vol 1

Korg KingKorg

What an incredible Synth this is, now that I've dug really deep into the capabilities, I really think this is an amazing Synthesizer, with bags of character and strengths.

We've all gone analogue recently because the manufacturers have been giving us them again, but there's still a place for a high quality Virtual Analogue that isn't a VST.

The range of Oscillators and most of all, the Filter types has made patch creation a breeze and one sound in particular "HellsFury" is probably the best Pad i've made on any Synth.

The KingKorg might have been overshadowed by the "New Kids" however this is one capable Synth, which can make all manner of sounds...with floating, motion Pads being a specialty.

I've made a huge array of diverse patches from Pads, Bass, Strings, Leads and Arp's.  The patches make full use of  single and stacked sounds, with the odd split.  The Korg KingKorg is a great Synth.  One that I will continue to explore in the future.


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