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384 Custom Patches

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Deeper Vol 2

Behringer DeepMind 12

Compatible with DM12 Module and DM6

Back with another Bank of Patches for the amazing Behringer DeepMind 12.  This Synth has to be one of the best to come out for years and has been my favourite to program.  It has a simple Oscillator structure, however the range of sounds possible defy this simplicity.

Having had a year since making Volume 1, I've learned a great deal more and have made what I think is my best Set to date.  I have gone a little more complicated with the sounds, even to the point of trying to make it sound like there are Layers involved.

Seriously though, I'm really proud of this set and it's taken a good while to make them and i'm sure you'll really enjoy using them, tweaking them to fit your compositions.

All 128 patches were made from the front panel, though I did use the Editor for viewing the Control Sequencer.  Who knows, there might even be a Volume 3 at some point down the road,

Deeper Vol 1

Behringer DeepMind 12

Compatible with DM12 Module and DM6

The Behringer DeepMind 12 is a marvel of a Synthesizer, in terms of features, quality and affordability.

After owning many synths over the past 30 years or so, I've had many that are good at particular sounds or modulation, but rarely a good all rounder.

No Synth is ever going tick every box, but some do get very close, though usually at a very high cost and still with limitations, especially with an analogue architecture.

The DeepMind 12 shatters the illusion of what we have come to see with true analogue Poly Synths, both old and new, to create an instrument that creates a wide and diverse range of sounds.

With this, I have been able to create 128 fresh, new patches, that cover, Pads and Strings, bass and Lead, Keys and Organ and a whole host of other great sounds. A Bonus Bank of another 128 Patches is now included for free.

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