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Mystics Vol 1

DSI Prophet 08

Well, I used to have a Prophet 08 back in the Day, however one came up on Ebay and thought I'd give it a go and won it.  I had no intention of making any Patches for it, however I sat down and the next thing I knew, I was off making lovely Pads and PolySynths etc.

I've made 64 playable Patches, there are no Sound FX as such or Sequences, it's just mainly Motion Pads, Dynamic Strings, Bass and Arp's, Keys and some traditional Sounds.

All 64 are demonstrated over 4 Videos and can be heard below.  Of course, the Prophet 08 doesn't have on-board FX so I used 2 Free Plug-Ins and made 64 Presets for each, all you do is use an Insert in your DAW, match up the Preset Number and off you go...Though they sound great without.

While they can be loaded into the Prophet REV 2 I did notice compatibility issues with the Synced LFO's as such I do not support the REV 2 with these Patches, so DON'T buy them for the REV 2 as there will be NO Refunds.

Once Downloaded, there are NO REFUNDS


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