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Visions Vol 1

UDO Super 6

I'm back with a fantastic Bank of Patches, this time for UDO's amazing Super 6 Synthesizer.  Here you will find 64 Patches covering a wide range of sounds from, Motion Pads, Strings, Bass, Lead, Traditional, Synth and much more.

There's lots of FM infused Patches, both Frequency and Filter, many of which are added with Controllers.  Speaking of Controllers, I used an Expression Pedal (Moog EP3) to make a number of changes to the Sound and I recommend you use one, to get the best out of the Patches.

I've fallen for this Synth, the Super 6 Sound Engine can handle pretty much everything I have thrown at it, it can do Analog, it can also make metallic Sounds and the ability to track FM...Amazing!

I hope you have a lot of fun with these Patches, they actually blew me a away and it was difficult to stop playing them and only wish I had more time to develop more.

The Patches come as 8 separate Banks. Please see Instructions for more.

Once Downloaded, there are NO REFUNDS or Swaps
Expression Pedal Recommended
Uses Factory Waveforms Pack 1

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