Singularity Vol 1

Moog ONE

I have to say, the Moog ONE is the finest PolySynth I've ever owned and used.  The flexibility for Sound Design is unsurpassed by any other Analogue Synth out there, both past and present.

Having 2 different Filter types that can be blended and modulated over time is amazing.  The textures it can make are just beautiful and it's been an absolute pleasure designing this set.

I've made 128 Patches that have Cutting Leads, Atmospheric Pads, Huge Bass and lots of Poly Sounds.  All Patches have Modulation Wheel, Aftertouch and X/Y Pad assignments, for full control of the sound over time.

FX have been added to either enhance or support the Sound as well as tempo synced Delay's and LFO's. 

Most Patches are Single Layer and have been tested on both 8 & 16 Voice Machines.  That said, there are a number of Layered Pads, Arp's etc.

GEOSynths is also the Sound Designer who created the "Classics" Bank, released by Moog Music Inc.

Peter Shergold kindly put together a Track using only the Patches from Singularity Vol 1 and a touch of Strymon FX.  

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