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GEOSynths Sound Design ( has been established since 2017 and is Owned and Managed by Jamie Morden.  With over 30 Years experience within Audio Production, Live Performance and Sound Design, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience, together with a Professional attitude to complete a Project on time and on Budget.

Sound Design has been the focal point for Jamie, especially in recent years due to the revival of Analogue Synthesizers and the advancements within Digital Synthesis. 

Jamie has currently produced Synth Patch Libraries for several Hardware Poly Synths for both Analogue and Digital Synthesizers, however he is keen to further this by creating Synth Libraries for Software Synthesizers as well.  Jamie also has recently been providing Real-Time Sound Design Tutorials, showing how to make a variety of Sounds from scratch, which can be found on his Patreon Site.

GEOSynths Patreon

Jamie has also been hired directly by Manufacturers, such as Novation and Moog.  For Novation he made 50 Patches to highlight the latest functionality of the Novation PEAK and for Moog, he was commissioned to create a bank of "Classics" that is free to registered users of the Moog ONE.

Patches for Novation

Patches for Moog - (Demonstrated by Lisa Bella Donna)

GEOSynths is based in Blackpool, Lancashire and has a dedicated Studio for Sound Design, consisting of a wide variety of Hardware Synthesizers, from Manufacturers such as Sequential (DSI), Novation, Roland, Korg and Nord.  What is fairly unique to GEOSynths is that every single Synth Patch in the Libraries are demonstrated on Video, allowing the customer to hear exactly what they will be getting, prior to Purchase.  All can be found on the dedicated YouTube Channel.

GEOSynths YouTube

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