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Welcome to GEOSynths.

Welcome to GEOSynths Sound Design, your ultimate destination for premium Patch Libraries catering to a diverse array of Synthesizer Manufacturers and their corresponding models. Established by Jamie Morden in 2017, GEOSynths is an officially recognized business committed to delivering top-tier sounds for your synthesizers, ensuring they seamlessly enhance your compositions and performances.

As the creative force behind each preset, Jamie has become synonymous with the very essence of GEOSynths itself. Boasting an extensive collection of over 5,000 meticulously crafted Synth Presets, using over 20+ Synthesizers.

Based in his Blackpool (UK) studio, GEOSynths dedicates himself full-time to the art of synthesizer preset creation. Additionally, he invites you to join him every Sunday at 6 pm (UK) for a captivating live stream. These sessions not only provide insights into the latest news but also feature engaging guest interviews and in-depth synth demonstrations.

Discover the world of GEOSynths, where passion meets precision, and elevate your sonic journey with our exceptional synth presets.

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