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Welcome to GEOSynths.

Welcome to GEOSynths Sound Design.  You'll find a wide range of Patch Libraries for number of different Synthesizer Manufacturers and their respective Synthesizer models.  GEOSynths is an official Business, run by Jamie Morden, which started in 2017.  The goal of GEOSynths is to provide the highest quality Sounds for your Synthesizers, so that you can use them immediately in your Compositions and Performances.

There are currently over 3,500 Synth Presets available, all of which were designed by Jamie Morden, who actually is GEOSynths. 


As well as making Synth Presets Full-Time in his Blackpool (UK) Studio,  Jamie also provides a weekly Live Stream which covers News, Guest Interviews and Synth Demonstrations, make sure to join him every Sunday at 6pm (UK).
Jamie Morden


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