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Guitar FX

Just wanted to explore using the Nemesis Delay on Send/Return from Logic Pro.  This way I could use it like I would a Plug-In, but still having hands on control from the Hardware.  I normally have Send/Return to pedals from my Mixer, but not done much with hooking it up to an Audio Interface...think the Nemesis will be permanently set up with Logic from now on.

With a similar form factor to Strymon DIG and other pedals by them, but with features you'd find on more expensive delays, the Nemesis Delay by Source Audio is an excellent pedal.  With Stereo ins and outs, line level and lots of algorithms, this really is one of the best you can buy.

Overdrive from EHX...The Electro Harmonix EHX Tortion JFET Overdrive Pedal.  The word 'Warm' is overused and overstated, but this thing is great on Synths.  It's not over the top, but it can really break up a sound, while still being Musical.  I don't usually go in for Overdrive and Distortion, but have changed my just over £100 it's not cheap, but works well with Synths.

It's a blank Canvas, where you load in the effect you want.  Isn't a bad little thing and if you can pick up cheap, then great.  At first they charged for each effect, but they're now all (mostly) free.  Works with IOS 9.

Here I put this cheap and rather old Line 6 Super Chorus through its paces.  Courtesy of Moog and Analogue Solutions, I make a few tweaks from adding simple Flanger to wide Chorus. Is a very cheap pedal, in fact some of the range are pocket money, no reason not to get one.

Here i go through using the Line 6 M5 Pedal on a DSI Prophet 08.  It's a very affordable pedal, has Stereo input and output and has a multitude of different fx...also MIDI.  It only offers one at a time, however you can buy the M9 and M13 versions that have multiple fx.  Is a great pedal I think for the money.

Using a Strymon DIG pedal on both a Dreadbox Erebus and a Moog Sub 37.  While I do have a Strymon Timeline and Eventide H9 (and many more delays) I really like the sound I get from the DIG pedal.

Here I use the Strymon DECO Pedal on a Moog Voyager mainly, but also on a Roland JUNO 6 and MFB Dominion 1.  The DECO is one of my favourite pedals as it can produce a number of fx including, Saturation, Tape Compression, Chorus, Flanger and Delay.

1st episode of GeoSynths...Guitar Effects On Synths.  Starting off with a Dunlop MXR 134 Chorus Pedal on a Moog Voyager and DSI Prophet 08.  Nice, warm Chorus effect that is very wide and sounds great on Synths.  Mono in to Stereo out Chorus pedal.

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